the talented mr. ripley (1999), tom looking at dickie


I don’t even know anymore
What that even mean though
If you only live once why we keep doing the same shit?
Back home where I come from, we keep being born
Again and again and then again and again
That’s why they invented karma

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Anonymous said: all this talk of the talented mr ripely makes me want to be involved but do you recommend the book or the movie first?

the book and the movie are a FUNNY PAIR because event to event they are very very very different. for me i love it because the mood/essence/feelings are identical (for me) and absolutely perfect but event to event they’re pretty distant

i’d say watch the movie first honestly. it’s an excellent read but filling in the dry areas with jazz from the film is so…… satisfying…… it’s so nice readin the book with the movie already in your mind

or read a different patricia highsmith (like strangers on a train) if you need to get a book outta your system and then watch the 1999 ripley film. yeah man

best movie villains: jack torrence, the lady from misery, hannibal lecter, the fucking kid from almost famous what the fuck was his problem what did he want from phil hoffman

Anonymous said: have you written any talented mr ripley meta

not any huge stuff that i’ve posted on here because i’m SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT MY RIPLEY PROBLEM but i guess i’m vocal enough about it that i might as well. yeah. i might post some directly to @richardgreenleaf so i don’t bug anyone who hasn’t consented to the shenanigans

that AWFUL CREEPY CHILD from almost famous was in gone girl and has grown outta being an AWFUL CREEPY CHILD so i’m glad about that

i hate having serious conversations about music and needing to soberly explain that my favourite musicians are “y’know, uhhh, remember malcolm in the middle??? like the TV show”

my favourite bands are talking heads and they might be giants and like i’m a white person who wears unconventionally framed glasses and suit jackets no one is f*cking surprised

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