yesterday/yesterday night was really interesting but today i bought tacks and struggled setting up my router for 3-5 hours then got a felafel

i went to a great dinner party last night like the most excellent start to my school year i could possibly have had BUT then i got on the wrong bus and the bus driver gave me a bad piece of advice which stranded me until i ran to catch up with a bus heading a DIFFERENT WAY and told the driver where i was going and i was the only person on the bus and he drove me around vancouver for 2 hours until a bus going where i needed to be was near us and i boarded it safely. a guy even tried to get on the bus while we were stopped and the driver was like “no u can’t get on” and the guy was like “what about her” and the driver was like “she’s special”. and i got talking to him and he was like “i just want you to be safe tonight….. i really don’t want anything to happen to you……. i want you to get home tonight, i can’t let any harm come to you because of my record” and i wanna know what the f*ck happened to this guy. i was so grateful. it was so nice i ended up having a really interesting night after a few minutes of “i might be stranded downtown until 5AM alone on the street” panicking

i slept naked last night because i oft do that but there are bug bites on Every Part Of My Body so maybe i won’t keep doing that here…………. the bugs have made their feelings clear…………

"mari tom ripley is not supposed to be a relatable character" ok well i get a lil uncomfortable when dudes dress up as the joker. like isn’t that always the douchiest guy at the party/convention???? what’s up with dudes Understanding the joker and terrorizing their circle of friends

"mari u can’t say u relate to tom ripley" uhhHHHH stop saying tina from bob’s burger’s is yr spirit animal have u considered that

"mari stop talking about how much u relate to tom ripley" ok as soon as heterosexuals stop comparing themselves to romeo & juliet like i can have this

i wish i was one of those cool smirky gay girls who slouches a lot and goes “haha yeah” but i’m more like the kind who nods a lot and goes “UhHHH dude”

my roommates probably already all suspect i’m queer because i go “haha yeah dude” and lean in doorways

one of my new roommates reminds me of gwyneth paltrow but in a good way. like what people who really like gwyneth platrow see in gwyneth paltrow