@ people replying to that post about christian imagery in pop punk—- i have never seriously listened to Say Anything!!!!!! i’ve heard a few songs and wasn’t that interested but i might check em out now i’m sooooo glad jewish pop punk is a reality

i’m glad gerard way was & continues to be a very nice person. i dunno exactly what it is but i always found my chemical romance to be the LEAST threatening of the Hot Topic Phase Trio (MCR, FOB & P!ATD) when they were easily the most aggressive and dark. they always just…….. seemed…… nice. like listening to their music i’m like “i wanna hang out with em”

St. Vincent + David Byrne | Love This Giant

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Favorite movies: Brokeback mountain (2005)

*texts patrick stump* why did u think of angels choking on their halos & getting drunk on rose water???? that’s gross pat

like there’s definitely a theme in pop punk with christian (and specifically catholic) themes bein kind of………. appropriated??? and i’m wondering what….. happened….. and why vague christian religious symbols (angels & halos & alters) with an edge of disrespect is such a thing in pop punk. is it because they’re mostly all white dudes from the midwest who grew up catholic or lutheran and now hate their parents??????? is it the green day “early 2000’s disillusionment with organized religion” influence??????

where’s the jewish pop punk lyrics??????

i had Such A Thought today about catholic themes/imagery in my chemical romance and what sets it apart from other pop punk bands making religious references (fall out boy in particular). someone talk 2 me about it i wanna write an essay and hand it in to…………… someone who cares………….

i just kicked ass in tae kwon do with a broken finger and a chronic foot injury and a creaky, creaky pelvis. i’m like a tiny old man but y’all i did it i did 100 spinning kicks and hit the target every time

i have so much work to do tomorrow……….. hot damn uhhhhhh……. i think i wanna wake up early to Start Things Right with a run but i always say i’m gonna do that and then definitely do not

so here’s to waking up in the morning………… and maybe running……… and reading a lot of a textbook….!!!! and going to the doctor!!!!!! (and like eating in between stuff i think!!!!!!) sorry i’ve been kinda absent from The Blogging Community but i’m still getting my “second year of university, first year of an honours program” ducks in a row!!!!!!!!

love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cassandra is my best friend but she’s never seen monty python and the holy grail so i like uhhhhhhhh i have my suscipiscions. that she’s an alien. lookin into it. maybe