the vancouver international film fest is playing a bjork concert and stop making sense back to back multiple times at the cinematheque and honestly if anyone was hoping to take me on a date soon……………

#david byrne?


hi i’m mari


hi i’m mari

Anonymous said: i used to have a best friend named cassandra and she actually looks like your friend cassandra and it's really messing with my head

what happened between you two

Anonymous said: You look like Margot Tenenbaum dressed up as her Bill Murray husband for halloween with your fashion choices, though.


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i could be margot tenenbaum for halloween……………..

if you live in vancouver and you wanna be friends let me know because my place is now CLEAN and COZY

walking into my room the vibes are vaguely threatening but once you’re inside it’s like a big hug. love it. keep guests on their toes then TRAP EM WITH GOOD ENERGY

i love the master and only god forgives because i’m being real & honest & open with myself. i like those movies. they are good movies that i enjoy watching. y’all like “those movies suck!!!!!! only self-absorbed film nerds trying to kiss ass like those movies!!!!!!” are mean people who need to figure out for yrselves what you genuinely enjoy watching. do not look 2 yr neighbor. what movies make u happy?????????? i like the master……. and only god forgives…………………